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Sci-Fi Bridge is committed to bringing you the best in Science Fiction from traditionally and independently published authors. On January 16, 2018 we’ll be releasing our first all-original anthology, Bridge Across the Stars.

From time to time, we’ll also publish sampler anthologies of stories by amazing new talent and bestselling authors. Volume 1 , Volume 2, and Volume 3 are now available!

Bridge Across the Stars: An Original Sci-Fi Bridge Anthology

(Available January 16, 2018)

The universe is dangerous, wondrous—a vast canvas upon which humanity sketches its hopes for the future.

In this anthology, you’ll find seventeen never-before-seen tales of conflict and heroism, exploration and discovery, endurance and triumph. Flee the apocalypse of modern-day Earth, fly a fighter in the cold emptiness of deep space, and find new life on the distant shores of an alien world. You might even discover something about yourself as each author opens a window on the soul of mankind. Who are we, really? Should we survive? How do we become something greater without losing what makes us human?

Open this collection and take your first steps into tomorrow. Travel the cosmos to find amazing adventure. Walk beside unforgettable characters on the bridge across the stars…

Foreword by Kevin J. Anderson

– David VanDyke – “As the Sparks Fly Upward”
– Ann Christy – “Peace Force”
– Felix R Savage – “Guardians of Earth”
– Lindsay Buroker – “Here Be Dragons”
– Chris Dietzel – “The Gordian Asteroid”
– Craig Martelle – “The Trenches of Centauri Prime”
– Josi Russell – “Broken One”
– Chris Pourteau – “The Erkennen Job”
– Daniel Arenson – “The Firebug and the Pharaoh”
– Rhett C. Bruno – “Interview for the End of the World”
– Steve Beaulieu – “Night Shift”
– Lucas Bale – “A Friend to Man”
– Jason Anspach – “…Space Pirates”
– Will McIntosh – “Drive”
– Maya K. Bohnhoff – “Water Babies”
– David Bruns – “Take Only Memories”
– Patty Jansen – “This Deceitful State of Truth”

At the Helm, Volume 1

Interstellar journeys. Epic battles. Artificial Intelligence’s longing for meaning. Life as we know it, ending…

Sci-Fi Bridge is thrilled to present its first collection from bestselling authors and newly emerging writers. These stories span the near and far future. They transport you to worlds unknown. They examine today’s fears amid tomorrow’s technologies. From the far corners of the galaxy to the inner reaches of the human heart, the exciting stories in At the Helm will thrill, inspire, and make you wonder–do humans have what it takes to build a better future? Or are we doomed by our own failings?

Foreword by Samuel Peralta.
“Pressure” by Jeff Carlson.
“This Long Vigil” by Rhett Bruno.
“Gao Yao Engine” by Rachel Aukes.
“Brood Company” by Steve Beaulieu & Aaron Hall.
“Life” by Daniel Arenson.
“I, Caroline” by David Bruns.
“Unconditional” by Chris Pourteau.
“Lara QR” by Bob Mayer.
“Carindi” by Jennifer Foehner Wells.
“Into the Dark” by Robert Kroese.
“Pete, Popeye and Olive” by Jamie McFarlane.
“Codename Delphi” by Linda Nagata.
“Patchworker” by M. Pax.
“Dark Space: A Chance Encounter” by Jasper T. Scott.

At the Helm, Volume 2

By popular demand, Sci-Fi Bridge presents its second collection from bestselling authors and newly emerging writers. In these pages, you’ll fall in love with new characters as varied as life itself. You’ll travel to and explore different, distant worlds. And you’ll get to know a treasure trove of talented authors.

These stories span the length and breadth of time and space. They’ll take you to whole new worlds, created from the stardust of your own imagination. They’ll make you ask yourself: will we sacrifice our humanity as we embrace technology or will technology help ensure our future survival?

From the far corners of the galaxy to the inner reaches of the human heart, the exciting stories in the At the Helm series will thrill, inspire, and make you wonder—can humans build a better future? Or do we merely carry forward the seeds of our own destruction as we colonize the stars?

Foreword by Jay Allan.
“Scout” by Will McIntosh.
“Gelassenheit” by Chris Pourteau.
“Rubbish with Names” by Felix R. Savage.
“Galaxy’s Edge” by Jason Anspach and Nick Cole.
“A God Among Us” by Rhett C. Bruno.
“Just An Old Fashioned Lust Story” by Christopher J. Valin.
“The Quarium Wars” by E. E. Giorgi.
“Death-Life on Kepler 452b” by Hall & Beaulieu.
“The Tunnel” by Andreas Christensen.
“Caterpillar” by Isaac Hooke.
“The Null” by Vincent Trigili.
“The Machine” by Mark R. Healy.
“Bottled Lightning” by Philip Harris.
“The Gambit” by Rysa Walker.
“Control” by Will Swardstrom.
“The Greatest Serial Killer in the Universe” by Robert Jeschonek.
“Magnet” by David Adams.
“Stasis Dream” by Josi Russell.

At the Helm, Volume 3

Conflict across the cosmos. New frontiers discovered. What it means to be human reimagined.

Dreams of tomorrow become reality in this third collection of bestselling authors and newly emerging writers from Sci-Fi Bridge. From the inner worlds of unforgettable characters to alien planets at the farthest reaches of our galaxy and beyond, our writers examine the human experience from within and without. Who are we as a species? Who do we want to be? How do we achieve that greatest vision of ourselves for us and our children?

You’ll wonder at the possibilities of what we can accomplish together. You might even come to believe that a better tomorrow can be more than a dream….

Foreword by Chris Fox.
“Centurion” by M.G. Herron
“Geospermia” by Patty Jansen
“Storming the Norse Wind” by M.D. Cooper
“The Far Side of Psyche” by Rhett C. Bruno
“The Genesis Revelation” by Hall & Beaulieu
“Latecomers” by Chris Ward.
“Fool’s Gold” by Zen DiPietro.
“The Tribe” by Andreas Christensen.
“The Theta Patient” by Chris Dietzel.
“The Last Ship” by Chris Pourteau.
“Taken For a Walk” by Justin Sloan.
“Playing Doctor” by Robert Jeschonek.
“Awaken Me, Paper Robot” by A.K. Meek.
“Refurbished” by Artie Cabrera.
“Steel’s First Temper” by David VanDyke.
“Siren Song” by Jon Frater.
“Digital Commander” by J.S. Morin.
“Little Blue” by Chris Reher.